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Barrier Reef protection via carbon auction

By Sarina Locke ABC Rural

GreenCollar, which in previous auctions helped farmers in western New South Wales sell carbon credits to the Government for avoided deforestation projects, secured 15 million tonnes of emission abatement in this ERF auction.

One of the first avoided clearing projects in Queensland was the Maranoa Project.

“It focuses on identifying native forest that would otherwise be cleared for its agricultural value and instead retaining that and finding ways to continue to operate the property as a grazing enterprise,” GreenCollar’s James Schultz said.

GreenCollar has also worked with landholders and the Queensland Government on a project to reduce sediment runoff into the Great Barrier Reef.

“So the same work that results in a reduction of sediment creates carbon abatement in regrowing vegetation,” Mr Schultz said.

“It’s good for the climate, biodiversity and water quality.”

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-This article was originally published on the ABC Rural website, 5 May 2016

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