Proud to be a pioneer in new environmental markets across water, biodiversity and plastics

Founded in 2008, GreenCollar developed some of the first projects under the Carbon Farming Initiative (2011) and is now the largest provider of nature-based carbon abatement in Australia. We have established over 200 projects across rural and regional areas working alongside private landholders, Traditional Owners, research organisations, government, natural resource management (NRM) and community groups.

In 2017 GreenCollar created Reef Credits, the first, innovative market solution for improving water quality in catchments of the Great Barrier Reef. The market launched in 2020 and is continuing to grow with new methodologies that reward farmers and other land managers for water quality outcomes delivered via ecosystem services and improvements in land management practices.

GreenCollar is committed to working with farmers, graziers Traditional Owners and other land managers to design appropriate, individual projects which complement existing operations or aspirations, while achieving positive commercial and environmental outcomes. GreenCollar possesses full end-to-end, in-house expertise in the development, management, legal and technical implementation of commercial environmental projects.

We focus on building and maintaining positive relationships with our clients on-site and are dedicated to going above and beyond routine compliance and monitoring.

We are a pioneer in new environmental markets across water, biodiversity and plastics:

Industry leaders

We helped establish Australia’s Carbon Industry Code of Conduct. The code quickly expanded to cover all projects funded by the government’s Emissions Reduction Fund and the voluntary carbon market.

World firsts

We developed the world’s first environmental market incentivising water quality improvements across the Great Barrier Reef in Reef Credits.

Going further

We are developing biodiversity projects to measure, verify and monetise the benefits from habitat, flora and fauna protection.

Forward thinking

We are currently running pilot projects in Australia and overseas as part of the evolving global plastics offset market.