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‘Scientist for a Day’ at Babinda Reef Carbon Project

Check out this video from our hands-on ‘Scientist for a Day’ at our Babinda Reef Carbon Project site.

Situated only 20km upstream from the Great Barrier Reef, the Babinda project focuses on reducing pollution that enters our waterways. The project involves the rehabilitation of native rainforests and wetlands, which act as a natural water filter protecting the Reef from run off.

The Babinda project is a collaborative partnership with TROPwater from James Cook University, Brisbane and Jaragun NRM group, led by Indigenous Elder Dennis Ah-Kee. Thanks to Earthwatch Australia for an amazing day! And a huge thank you to Qantas Future Planet for their support.

‘Scientist for a Day’  gave our stakeholders a day out in the sun and showed them what it takes to conduct research and monitoring in the field. Participants were involved in tree planting, data collection and species identification, all part of our usual surveying techniques. The occasion allowed our staff to meet face-to-face with partners, landholders and researchers from a range of organisations.

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